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Models I met and liked: Ella Verberne.

Posted on January 25, 2012

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do mini-profiles on a few of the model girls (and boys) around town. Firstly, I’m pretty fascinated by the industry as a whole, and secondly, I figured it would be a nice new segment for the blog, being a new year and all. I intend for this to be a weekly (fingers crossed) installment on New Zealand models I love, models I have my eye on, up and comers and just plain favourites, so who better to start off with than one of New Zealand’s most successful new faces and one of the nicest girls around – Ella Verberne:

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NZFW: Off-duty Model – Ella.

Posted on August 31, 2011

Ella is one of my favourite girls to take photos of. Nobody has owned the last year like she has. And she’s such a nice girl. I think she’ll go far. Anyway, no more gushing. I quickly caught Ella after the Ruby show today – it’s a rare occasion that you get time to snap her because she’s booked so many shows this week. Doesn’t she look marvellous? Such a cute dress. And those cheekbones. And that hair?! Oh wait, I’m gushing again.

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I styled my first show ever and it was great / presenting: Sylvester AW 2016, ‘Forever’

Posted on August 17, 2015

Renee (Clyne) in the ‘Wino Forever’ tee. All show photos/James K Lowe and Karen Ishiguro.  I have been off the grid. If you tried to get a hold of me in the last week or so, you probably haven’t been able to as I have been immersed in a job that I have never done before – styling a fashion show. The show was last night and it was Kate Sylvester‘s ‘Sylvester’ collection for next season – Winter 2016. I was pretty stoked to be even considered for the job given that I have little experience with the behind the scenes of a show, so I am extremely grateful to Kate for giving me the opportunity. I know that sounds like something you have…

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MBFWA: B roll.

Posted on April 16, 2014

This time last week I was coming home from three days at MBFWA. A bunch of the snaps I took from then have gone up on the NZ Herald site (here and here), but you know how it goes – there’s always a few that don’t get chosen that you personally really like, hence this post, ‘MBFWA: B Roll’. I wouldn’t call them out-takes, they’re more just ‘pictures I like that didn’t make the cut’:

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on April 13, 2014

Ella Verberne between shows at MBFWA.


  1. This amazing video of Drake out on the streets in disguise, asking people what they think of him. If you haven’t seen it, watch immediately and make sure you watch ’til the end.
  2. I spent five days in Sydney last week. I went to fashion week. I mean, what else is there to say?  How could that not be in this week’s highs?
  3. This is not as good but if you’re like me and you find it interesting to see actors sing (especially when they’re really good) you will like this. It’s Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon singing Broadway versions of rap songs. Also, Anne Hathaway sings the line “you dirty Hatha-hating bitch ass bitch don’t kill my vibe” which is pretty great.
  4. Did anyone watch the Lorde live stream from Coachella? Damnit she is nailing it in terms of style. She’s nailing it all ’round but because this is a pseud0 fashion blog, I am talking about what she’s wearing. I am super into her pants look. No mini skirts here! If you didn’t see the live stream you can watch a re-run of it here (on the second channel) in about 20 minutes, otherwise I can just tell you she was wearing high-waisted wide-legged white pants and those Stella FW13 white boots with the massive platform sole and a white crop top/sports bra thing. Also, hair half up. She looked like a Spice Girl. An amazing, modern version of a Spice Girl. 90s but cleaner. So good. 
  5. Speaking of great Coachella moments, I haven’t found a really good video of this yet but Beyonce got on stage with Solange to dance to ‘Losing You’ and there are some average instagram videos of it here.
  6. Oh by the way I booked flights to New York so that is happening. #casual #notcasual


  1. I did a really stupid thing and didn’t look properly and got on the wrong train to the airport in Sydney. And when I say wrong train to the airport, I actually mean I got on a train that wasn’t going to the airport at all and once I realised I couldn’t get off to go back until I had reached Ashfield or Ashbury or some suburb way in the completely wrong direction. Not fun.
  2. The person next to me on my flight home had her arm completely leaned on and covering the arm-rest between us, and her feet in that gap between the two seats in front. I already have weird personal space issues so you can imagine how I was feeling.
  3. My grandma had to go into hospital for surgery last week.
  4. I kind of f’d around with my blog and now it looks how it does now and I don’t know why but the comment form has disappeared/broken/wasn’t coded in properly and now you can’t comment on here and I don’t know how to fix it.